“I don’t like the way you are being…”

The day started out poorly – Trinity (2-y-o) woke up around 5:30, which isn’t that bad if she hadn’t done it the night before and Hunter (4-y-o) the night before that; they’re teaming up on me. That seemed to set the tone for the day, as I was a little behind on everything. Dogs were unsettled because I was late letting them out, horses were grumpy because they had cabin (barn) fever, and so on from there.

Tonight while getting the grumpy and tired little ones ready for bed, I was tired and grumpy too. The bedtime story was quickly read, the good night song shortened, and I escaped downstairs as soon as I could since there are still dog chores to do. I hear the pitter patter of little feet upstairs and head up those fourteen steps with a sigh and a heavy tread, ready to scold the wanderer. Hunter slips out the bathroom door as I capture his sister and return her to her room, and he complains he did not get to play any games tonight. In a monotone, standing in his doorway with crossed arms, I explain it’s bedtime and he needs his sleep for tomorrow’s Valentines festivities at school. He looks at me with those glorious mossy green eyes, and says in a very soft voice

“Mommy, I don’t like the way you are being.”

No matter what the day has thrown at me, those little darlings deserve all the love they are used to at bedtime. I cuddled him, showered him with kisses, and tucked him in again with all the enthusiasm his heart desired, gratified to see his tiny smile as he snuggled into his pillow, his mommy-love restored and all things right in his world.


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  1. justdc
    Feb 12, 2010 @ 03:32:32

    Awww…thanks for sharing


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