Driving Peeves – Passing

I like to drive. I like to drive fast. No, I’m not talking drag racing or anything, but I do drive at a pace that gets me places in good time, without too high of a ticket price attached should I have to pay the price for driving fast.  I don’t get angry with those people who are driving slower than myself, except when they do stupid things as I pass them. After being on the road for a lengthy drive yesterday – since I only commute 4 Km to work one way, my days rarely involve any trips longer than 10 minutes – I’ve compiled a list of things drivers do that I just don’t understanding…WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

SPEEDING UP JUST WHEN I CAN PASS YOU  – You’ve gotta love these guys. They plod along well below the posted speed limit when the road is curving or going up a hill and you are unable to pass, then when you finally have a clear stretch to pass they speed away from you. I recognize the curves and hills require more concentration so perhaps they’ve slowed down for that reason, but I think it’s just spite, slow when you can’t pass, and too fast when you can!

SPEEDING UP AS I PASS YOU – This is just plain unsafe! It makes me have to stay in the lane beside them for longer than necessary, and makes me go faster than I would have needed to had they remained at their original speed. 

SPEEDING UP AFTER I PASS YOU – Just as bad is the person who accelerates right on your bumper after you pass, even though they were going no where near that speed when you were behind them. What is this, the competitive spirit not allowing someone else to ‘win’ the race to get to point B?  You know darn well they weren’t going that fast before, that’s why you passed them in the first place.

COLLECTING MORE THAN THREE CARS BEHIND YOU –  Someone behind them – usually the person right after me, it seems – is going to attempt to pass the entire column of cars while going around a curvy hill.  Ever notice the ‘Minimum Speed Limit’ on interstates, people? Slow does not equate with safe, and if a bunch of cars are behind, pull over and let them past because someone aggressive will eventually show up in the pack and try to fly by.

PASSING ME, THEN MAKING A TURN –  This is in-your-face rude. I have to slow down for the turn, but they weren’t willing to slow down because I was going slightly slower? More annoying when they make a left turn and have to sit and wait for traffic to clear. Jerk!

I know not everyone drives fast. I have no problem with that. I don’t get road rage because someone chooses to drive more slowly than I do. Actually, I don’t get road rage at all. But, I shake my head when people don’t use their noggins – it’s not just me they’re endangering, it’s themselves and all the others on the road at that moment, too!

‘Nuff said for today’s road rant! Keep it between the lines.


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