Finding Time

Everything is always a rush, so much to do, so little time. This is especially true in a large, busy family with animals to care for. People repeatedly ask me how I manage it all, and I suppose it all comes down to prioritizing. There are things that need to be done, things which should be done, things that could be done, and things which would be nice to have done. Those responsibilities will vary depending on who you are, because I know my ‘need to be dones’ are not always the same as my husband’s!

A typical Sunday in the Bell household…I was fortunate enough to get a bit of a sleep-in this morning, Trinity woke up later than usual, and in a good mood so was not hounding me with ‘Can you go downstairs? Can you go downstairs?” Out of bed for around 7:30. Feed all the things which cannot feed themselves, including Trini (2), Hunter (4), and the dogs (many). Then, feed the things which can feed themselves, such as ‘I’m lazy’ Savannah (11). Go let the horses out so they can enjoy the mild weather. Scrub the dog kennel. Put in a load of laundry. Feed ‘I’m Hungry’ Destiny (12). Nag the husband because he’s going to be out snowmobiling all day before heading to a buddy’s to watch the gold medal hockey game! Feed the dogs again (we feed two or three times a day depending on the age.) Put in another load of laundry – the tally reaches about 20 loads per week of people laundry in this house, nevermind the dog laundry. Two seperate machines running, people usually don’t appreciate puppy pee in the same machine as Trini pee. Potty training is coming along but not quite perfect for that little one.

Spent a little time promoting Regression, spent more time writing Evolussion, a bit of time on this blog, and quite a bit responding to emails from people, although I need would like to do more. See, there is one of those prioritization things. For example, responding to a question from someone about a health problem springs to the top of the pile when it comes to emails, and I always give priority to existing puppy owners rather than future ones since I already owe alegiance to the existing ones. I should finish up a few more emails before I head off to bed. I always multi-task, some dogs are outside right now having their last release before bed.

Still need to make the kid’s lunches for school tomorrow, much easier to do at night than in the morning. I should get them doing it, but always forget until they’ve gone to bed…their bedtime is around 8 pm, I have to admit they’re pretty good about it, I am always amazed how often a phone call will come for them at 9 when they’ve been asleep for a while.

Today I could have: updated two website’s contents; began my income tax (actually, I did load the software in order to begin); prepared lesson plans; cleaned the laundry room; tidied my desk surfaces (my husband’s worst pet peeve about me, I’m a stacker); sorted and cleaned children’s toys; packed outgrown clothing…argh, the list is endless. But, I don’t let it stress me most of the time, because those are things which would be nice to have done but will not stop the world from turning if they remain undone for a bit longer. Some, for a lot longer.

Back to letting the dogs out and responding to emails while composing Evolussion…


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