OK, I’ll admit it…

I am a chain-coking chocaholic overachiever with an inferiority complex who cannot delegate a single thing because I’m controlling to the point of neurosis. There. I’ve said it. Phew. Happy to get that off my chest. Now, I can get back to work doing everything.

Oh, by chain-coking, I am referring to the red cans with waves on them, not the white powder. Ugh. That’s nasty stuff, no thanks. Every morning I crack open a can of pop. To those who say ‘Ewww’ I reply…’And how much sugar and caffeine were in YOUR coffee this morning?’.

Chocolate is the fifth basic food group and the only one which has the power to overcome any and all obstacles in your day.

I giggle each time someone comments that my main character is too accomplished. Ummm, semi-autobiographical story here, folks. I don’t quite have as many letters following my name, but I’m also not yet forty. With background in disparate fields. And plenty of volunteer experience. Although I only have four kids, I have managed to raise almost 200 puppies in fifteen years, that has to count for a couple of half kids or something. Actually, they have four legs, so should count double;) Then there’re the businesses…so, since I’m an overachiever, I figured I could competently write about one.

Hmmm…opening up for some criticism here, aren’t I! Which leads to the flip side of the overachiever, the inferiority complex. It took forever to admit to anyone I was even writing a novel, including my husband. And then of course the hope that someone actually liked it. Still can’t believe it made the Science Fiction and Fantasy bestseller list on Amazon, even beating out The Host for a day. Awesome!

But, I’ll admit, I’m a control freak. I hate when things are not done right…I expect I’m not a good person to work for, ask anyone who’s been my employee, I’m super critical of their work. But at least I’m usually polite about it! So, then I end up doing the taxes and banking, the cleaning and laundry, and everything else. Speaking of which, time to go switch up the dogs, throw in another load, and make sure everyone brushed their teeth…except the daughter up in Nunavut!


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