Ooops – a note to the person who bought Evolussion when it was mistakenly posted!

Yes, that’s right…the sequel to Regression was mistakenly posted to Amazon’s Kindle store and before we could pull it someone purchased what amounts to an unfinished, unformatted early draft! I’m gratified someone enjoyed Regression enough to search for the sequel, and just happened to do so in the twenty-four hours when it was available to purchase but would like to offer them a signed Advanced Reader Copy instead of the incomplete version they ended up with. You…yes, you, you know who you are! Please let me know your mailing address and I’ll send you the paperback. Sorry for the inconvenience, if you get this message soon enough you can ask Amazon for a refund of the purchase price, the book was not supposed to go live. I was toying with the fonts to see what would work for the logbook entries, people had mentioned the italics were a problem, and grabbed an old draft copy to upload to the server.

Not saying I don’t trust people, but for the sake of the person who hopefully will read this and then send an email to me at in order to provide their address for their free paperback, I will ask that s/he tell me which five (or six) main characters were introduced in the first two chapters. Then I know it’s the right person!

The book has been pulled from the Kindle store and will not be available for purchase until October, the official release date! My bad;)


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