Does this make me a jerk?

Gas prices are going up around town, so I pulled in to the gas station which still had the lower price. There was the typical line up of people waiting to fill their left hand side tanks. And there were three empty slots, because there are fewer right hand tanks than left and the station is supposed to be uni-directional.

Does it make me a jerk that after sitting for a few moments, I turned my van around, backed in to the available pump slot, and filled my van full before the other people had even pulled up to a slot?

I’ll admit, I am usually the most rule bound, honourable person. So much so that it drives my husband nuts…he hates when I completely stop for stop signs in the middle of the night, and when I obey the speed limit. Or when I refuse to use the reserved parking spots, and always follow posted road signs. These things make sense to me, whereas waiting to fill my tank while three pumps are not in use, just plain doesn’t! So, I’ll continue to back in while everyone else sits and waits. Like they say, time is money…I could be writing!


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