Why 11/11/11?

Why would I start my Infinion Series on November 11, 2011? And why have that number take on such importance?

It stems from the reason why we paused for a moment of silence today at 11 am. To remember those who have gone before, those who have sacrificed to secure the freedom of their friends and family. And, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day, Veterans Day, or whatever your country may call it, is also the time to hopefully ponder the mistakes of the past to ensure they never happen again.

For a novel about people dedicated to fixing the future through changing the past, starting with Remembrance Day made sense. And, it gave me the opportunity to honour fallen soldiers in my own little way, by incorporating memorial services into the novel. And getting in a mention of the Highway of Heroes here in Ontario in Evolussion.

I am blessed by the fact I have not been personally affected by war. I am thankful that there are men and women willing to risk their lives so I can have the opportunity to write without fear. I am a participant in Operation eBook Drop, which provides free Kindle books to deployed soldiers. If they can find a little bit of distraction from their resonsibilities by reading one of my books, then I am pleased to offer it as a way of thanking them.

Today we have very few veterans of the Great War around to share with us the absolute horrors of the conditions during World War One. Soon, there will be few survivors of the Second World War. But, I can only hope that we never reach the point of having veterans of a Third World War.

To all the in-service soldiers, and those who have served before them, I wish you well.


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