I refuse to acknowledge that 2011 has begun.

Most people have heard the proverb, for want of a nail the kingdom was lost. OK, my recent experiences don’t quite add up to losing a war (except fighting for my sanity), but the chain of events keeps growing and growing, and it all starts with New Year’s Day.

Because New Year’s Day holiday was honoured on Monday, no couriers were running.
Because no couriers were running, the dog semen to breed my girl had to be shipped on an airplane Tuesday.
Because the shipment was on a plane, it was misplaced by the airline.
Because the box was misplaced, I had to drive back to Toronto again Wednesday.
Because I had to drive back to TO again, the engine on my van blew.
Because the engine on my van blew, I was going to borrow my MILs car.
Because I needed to get to MIL, I was driving my husband’s truck which was on empty.
Because my husband’s truck was empty, I had to go to the gas station – where pay at pump wasn’t working.
Because the pay at pump wasn’t working, I had to go in to the booth, where I left my bank card.
Because my bank card was missing when I went to pay for my groceries, I had to return to the car.
Because I returned to the car and drove home to check my husband’s truck for said bank card, I discovered that the MIL’s car has this self-locking mechanism which locks all doors when the car is left running and all doors get closed.

So, I haven’t figured out exactly where this chain of events is going to end, but the fact is that none of this would have happened if last weekend had not been New Year’s. So, I’m now going to pretend this is June.


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  1. Jeff @ Dark Elms
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 03:12:43

    Well look on the bright side . . . 2011 can’t get much worse.


    • kathylbell
      Jan 08, 2011 @ 04:29:27

      I thought that about 2010, which was a bad year…but this is shaping up to be worse. I only listed the relevant sequence of related events, I didn’t include a passel of other ridiculous things which have happened this year already.

      As I sat at a stop light on my way back from getting MILs keys, I felt like I was in that ‘Final Destination’ movie, where a sequence of events was bringing me to a certain place. Hopefully my final destination is nothing so horrible, mind you. There, flashing in the window of the little convenience store across the corner, was a Lottery sign. I don’t buy lottery tickets but figured if this much bad luck could accost me in so few days, perhaps I was supposed to be at that corner and see that sign and buy a ticket! If I’m 3.5 million dollars richer tomorrow then I’ll forgive the Fates for toying with me:)


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