Been A While…

(Love that song!)

Here I am, on the final countdown to the release of Revolussion on 11/11/11…yay! Been a long haul to get here, and I am truly, terribly nervous because in the same way that Evolussion took turns not everyone liked, Revolussion went spiralling in directions I did not even imagine when I created the roadmap I thought the Infinion Series would follow.

Like so many people, I find myself with not enough time to complete all the things I would like to do, and unfortunately I must relegate my online presence to the back burner behind family and work. But, things are opening up now (every time I say that, something new comes along to steal my time!), and I’m excited to be looking at slotting ‘face time’ for Facebook and WordPress to coincide with the release of Revolussion. I can’t guarantee daily, but I just might very well try!

I am going to be posting a surprise for my Facebook Followers, likely Sunday, so be sure to check the Facebook Fan Pages later this weekend.


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