Awesome Alignments…

I’ve been busy working away on Synergy, and needed to verify some of my timelines for the tale, which relates to the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

I made a cool discovery.

When investigating the long count dates, I found some correlations which are eerie…and I’m all about eerie coincidences! This information is taken from Wikipedia’s segment on the Mayan Long Count.

Table of Long Count units

Days Long Count period Long Count unit Approximate solar years
1   1 Kin  
20 20 Kin 1 Uinal  
360 18 Uinal 1 Tun ~ 1
7,200 20 Tun 1 Ka’tun 19.7
144,000 20 Ka’tun 1 Bak’tun 394.3
2,880,000 20 Bak’tun 1 Pictun 7,885
57,600,000 20 Pictun 1 Kalabtun 157,808
1,152,000,000 20 Kalabtun 1 K’inchiltun 3,156,164
23,040,000,000 20 K’inchiltun 1 Alautun 63,123,288


Now, it is the last three entries I noticed the importance of…with a little bit of flexibility for the actual timing of events, but still within margins of error. And, working backward from this year as the end of all of the cycles together-which would happen at some point, since they are multiples of each other in the same way that in the year 2000 we reached the end of a decade, century, and millenium together. So imagine that 2012 heralds the end of not only a Bak’tun, but also a Pictun, Kalabtun, K’inchiltun, and Alautun. Counting back from 2012, we find:

Approximately 150,000 years ago – one Kalabtun –  Mitochondrial Eve was theorized to walk the Earth and had a significant influence on what Humanity is today. This is the theory which led me to develop Regression, and is exactly why I started looking into the other dates on the Mayan Long Count, when I noticed the time frame!

3.1 million years ago – one K’inchiltun – Australopithecus africanus developed the major hallmarks of humanity…larger brain casing, a more rounded skull with softer facial features, and female morphological changes to accomodate bipedal pregnancy, so predominantly upright carriage.

Then, we go back even further into human history, as around 63 million years ago – one Alautun-  the first primates evolved.

So, if we take 2012 as the end of the complete and extended long count Mayan Calendar and count backwards, the calendar starts with the first truly bipedal humanoid (although perhaps even some homo species were around at that time but have yet to be discovered, as current theory states homo evolved closer to 2.5 MYA), and each major period coincides with a major development in the evolution of the modern human.

I think that’s really cool. I just might have to fit that into Synergy, although I was not planning on taking the long count back quite that far and the story was fantasy, not science fiction! Just have to see where it heads.


Behind Evolussion: White Buffalo Woman, 2012, and Apocalypse

My first draft of Evolussion had Dawn Ingram using a Vision Quest to wrest control of her body from the plasmid, the alien artificial intelligence embedded in her cells, but just had the words ‘vision quest’ as a placeholder while I finished writing the rest of the story. Later, I went back and began filling in the actual sequence of the quest. For veracity, I began to research Lakota lore, and came across the legend of White Buffalo Woman. I had heard about the white buffalo calves born occasionally over the past while, but never really investigated further until reading up on the legend. What I found was quite intriguing, and blended well into the story of Three Eleven, the upcoming apocalypse, and the woman fated to stand between humanity and eradication.

The legend of White Buffalo (Calf) Woman explains the development of a number of ceremonies performed by the Lakota people, and presents the origins of the use of the sacred pipe in the plains tribes.  In the legend, Ptesan-wi gifts the Lakota with the sacred pipe, teaches them how to use it, and promises to eventually return in a time of great need. Her return will be heralded (in some interpretations) by the arrival of (four) white buffalo calves, one representing each of the four directions of the Earth. A quick search found that there are not just four white buffalo right now, but there are more white buffalo walking the Earth than ever before. An entire herd.

In keeping with the mythology, this should signify a dramatic change in the Earth. Whether that change is social, environmental, climactic or even apocalyptic remains to be seen. What I find interesting is how closely the arrival of the white buffalo coincides with the upcoming Mayan calendar renewal. Most people are aware of 2012 as the ‘end’ of the Mayan calendar, and if they have not seen the movie of the same name, they have at least heard the hype.

Since my story weaves in an apocalypse, I threaded the White Buffalo Woman legend into the tale. The timing even works with 2012, because the actual arrival of the catastrophe is not 11/11/11, but the initial events leading to the catastrophe of 2012 are set in motion on that day. I liked the results, but my venture into a spiritual link with nature was obviously outside some readers’ comfort zone, as shown by a 2 star review criticizing the use of the legend (I quite ‘The train really flies off the tracks when Dawn goes and visits the buffalo spirits. No, that’s not a joke.’), but actually arose from passages in the original Regression manuscript which were later removed. I had wanted a connection between Adya and the Earth in that story – an Earth Mother if you will – had written it into a number of scenes, but pulled it because of a couple of people’s comments.

Revolussion will see further development of Dawn’s connection, but the story certainly does not revolve around spirituality or natural connectivity. At least, not at this point in drafting!

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